Copying Beethoven

Distribution Territory/ies:

Call Nº: 27/2007

International Title: Copying Beethoven

Coproducing Country/ies:  United States  Germany  Hungary 

Production Company/ies: VIP Medienfonds


Director: Agnieszka Holland

Script: Stephen J. Rivele / Christopher Wilkinson

Cast: Diane Kruger / Ed Harris / Ralph Riach / Matyelok Gibbs / Bill Stewart / Angus Barnett / Viktoria Dihen / Phyllida Law

Synopsis: It is 1824. Beethoven, played by Ed Harris, is racing to finish his new symphony. However, it has been years since his last success and he is plagued by deafness, loneliness and personal trauma. A copyist is urgently needed to help the composer finish in time for the scheduled first performance - otherwise the orchestra will have no music to play. A fictional character is introduced in the form of a young conservatory student and aspiring composer named Anna Holtz. The mercurial Beethoven is skeptical that a woman might become involved in his masterpiece but slowly comes to trust in Anna's assistance and in the end becomes quite fond of her. By the time the piece is performed, her presence in his life is an absolute necessity. Her deep understanding of his work is such that she even corrects mistakes he has made, while her passionate personality opens a door into his private world.
Year: 2006
Section: Official Selection