Call Nº: 66/2004

International Title: Lucio

Coproducing Country/ies:  Spain 

Production Company/ies: Irusoin

Company/ies Who Received The Support:  Irusoin

Director: Aitor Arregi / Jose Mari Goenaga

Script: Aitor Arregi / Jose Mari Goenaga

Synopsis: There have been and still are many anarchists in the world. Those who had to steal or deal in contraband for the cause are numerous. Those who discussed strategies with Che Guevara or helped Eldridge Cleaver -the leader of the Black Panthers- are fewer in number. But those whom, together with the above, succeeded in putting the most powerful bank in the world against the ropes with the massive forging of travellers' cheques, and without missing a single day of his job as a building worker, are reduced to one. Lucio Urtubia, from Cascante (Navarre). Today Lucio lives in Paris, retired.
Year: 2007
Section: Zabaltegi Specials