Distribution Territory/ies:

Call Nº: 02/2005

International Title: Grimm

Coproducing Country/ies:  Netherlands 

Production Company/ies: Graniet Film

Company/ies Who Received The Support:  Triangelfilm

Director: Alex Van Warmerdam

Script: Alex Van Warmerdam

Cast: Halina Reijn / Carmelo Goméz / Jacob Derwig / Anne Malherbe / Elvira Minquez / Ulises Dumont

Synopsis: One cold winter's day Jacob and his sister Marie are abandoned by their Dutch father because he is unable to support them any longer. In his coat Jacob finds a note from his Spanish mother urging them to go to their uncle in Spain: "He'll be able to help you". After a hellish journey through the woods and an attempt to survive in the city, they flee to Spain, only to find that their uncle has died.
Year: 2003
Section: Official Selection