En construcción

  TV Broadcasting  
Call Nº: 05/1998

International Title: Work in progress

Coproducing Country/ies:  Spain 

Production Company/ies: Ovideo TV

Company/ies Who Received The Support:  Ovideo TV

Director: José Luis Guerin

Script: José Luis Guerin

Synopsis: In an emblematic popular quarter of Barcelona, threatened by a plan of reform, there is tackled construction of a block of housings. We wanted to know the intimacy of a construction, so we got there, when this space was still a lot where the lads were playing football. On this area we look for the way of coexisting, of knowing and of rolling. In this process, soon we warn that the mutation of the urban scenery was involving also a mutation in the human scenery, and that in this movement certain echoes of the world might be recognized. On these foundations we construct a movie.
Year: 2010
Section: .Doc - New Paths of Non-Fiction