Rec 2

International Title: Rec 2

Coproducing Country/ies:  Spain 

Production Company/ies: Castelao Productions


Director: Jaume Balagueró / Paco Plaza

Script: Jaume Balagueró / Paco Plaza / Manu Díez

Cast: Manuela Velasco / Leticia Dolera / Ferran Terraza / Javier Botet / Juli Fàbregas / Ana Isabel Velásquez / Alejandro Casaseca / Pep Molina / Óscar Zafra

Synopsis: 15 minutes have passed since the batteries in the TV camera ran out. 15 minutes have passed since the last images for the "While You Sleep" program were recorded inside the infected building. Outside: a curious crowd gathers behind the area cordoned off by the Special Forces. TV news crews are putting on the pressure to find out what the hell’s going on...
Year: 2010
Section: Made in Spain